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Zoomlion elevator products appear at BMW exhibition in Germany

Zoomlion elevator products appear at BMW exhibition in Germany

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Baum in Germany is just that inertia often wipes out what could have been innovative. Exhibition a was held in Munich on April. A total of 7 prototypes of Zoomlion participated in this exhibition, including the company's mature products, as well as new prototypes successfully trial produced at the end of 2015, higher performance configurations The familial appearance color scheme can't help brightening people's eyes. Among them, sc200/200eb (bwm-3s) construction elevator exhibits advanced technology and excellent performance, which attracted the attention of domestic and foreign audiences. Metallographic microscope is mainly used in metallography

elevators have always focused on intelligence and streamlining. The company has jointly developed an automatic production line for construction elevators with well-known overseas enterprises. Now it has many automatic production lines, such as drive assembly line, automatic main chord tube blanking line, automatic standard section robot welding line, automatic guide frame robot assembly line, automatic wall robot welding line, etc. The product variety covers all kinds of models within 100m/min of 2T series, as well as inclined ladder and industrial ladder products. The sales volume is firmly in the forefront of the Chinese market, and is exported to Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Africa and other regions

since Zoomlion acquired raxtar, the leader of the international elevator industry, in 2014, the two sides have carried out comprehensive cooperation and complementary advantages in production and technology. Raxtar won the prestige Freedom Tower award of WTC in New York in 2008 by virtue of lifts and mast type working platforms for various models and brands in the Dutch local leasing business; In 2009, a new personal lift of raxtar rx500 series also won the Dutch invention award that year. In 2010, raxtar's new factory near Eindhoven in the Netherlands was officially opened. Raxtar also released raxtar green energy eco elevator and raxtar's new heavy cargo elevator and material elevator. At this stage, raxtar focuses on the elevator market in Europe and North America, positioning high-end, and actively providing high-quality services to customers in Europe, Australia and North America who pay attention to efficiency, high-end and high quality

the sc200/200eb (bwm-3s) series construction elevators exhibited at this BMW exhibition are mainly used for the construction and internal and external decoration of high-rise buildings, and the construction and maintenance of bridges, chimneys and other buildings. This product has high efficiency and energy saving transmission system, intelligent HLC, elite console and elevator remote management system, variable frequency control and automatic leveling, so it can achieve high efficiency, energy saving, safety and reliability

it is reported that the intelligent control system HLC configured for the construction elevator has the functions of identity authentication, status display, fault diagnosis, voice reminder, automatic leveling and so on. It takes the lead in realizing the intellectualization of the construction elevator and is significantly ahead of its competitors in technology. The product has a multi-function display screen, optional floor call device, floor call display, current floor and target floor display, abnormal state visualization and fault code display, which improves the use efficiency and fault handling efficiency of the construction elevator. Automatic leveling can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the machine hand, with free manual/automatic switching and double insurance, making it easier and more reliable. At the same time, it can reduce frequent inching, reduce impact and improve the service life of components. The product is also equipped with an intelligent operation remote management system, which allows users to carry out equipment condition query, fault alarm, maintenance reminder, machine attendance, etc. without leaving home. It is convenient for operation and maintenance. At the same time, through the use of advanced technologies such as IOT, cloud data processing, sensing, wireless communication, GPRS and so on, remote management can be realized on the terminal through app software, making users more simple and comfortable to use

the intelligent manufacturing technology of sc200/200eb (bwm-3s) series construction elevators can realize the functions of automatic length feeding, sawing, boring processing and detection of the main chord. Because the current technology has not been able to theoretically predict the strength performance of materials under variable load, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology launched the specification conditions for automotive power battery industry (Draft for comments) in 2016, with timely data storage and automatic separation of unqualified products. At the same time, the standard section robot automatic welding line technology can be used for positioning, automatic press fitting and welding, automatic detection of diagonal, flatness, rack clearance, pin shaft and pin hole, timely storage of data, automatic separation of unqualified products, and is in the forefront of international products

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