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Zoomlion exports sanitation products to Japan for official delivery

Zoomlion exports sanitation products to Japan for reliable and stable official delivery

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it was learned from Zoomlion that the garbage compression vehicle jointly developed by Zoomlion and its Japanese joint venture was officially delivered to the customer's Zhushi Shijin waste treatment center in Wakamatsu City, Japan on October 3. The two sides have jointly announced that they will cooperate to promote the sales of Zoomlion garbage truck products in Fukushima

Japanese customers spoke highly of the zlj5071zyse4 garbage compression vehicle. The customer said that the shape, performance and technical parameters of the product fully comply with Japanese industry standards and their own requirements, and it is a very excellent product

it is understood that this delivery ceremony has caused strong local repercussions. As the first batch of environmental sanitation equipment exported from China to Japan, Zoomlion has won the attention of all sectors of Japanese society with its high-efficiency, high-specification and high-quality garbage compression vehicle equipment

according to the customer Huijin waste treatment center in Japan, the equipment will be put into use in the Fukushima area. Chinese equipment once again appeared at the post disaster reconstruction site of the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear radiation, and participated in the local post disaster reconstruction work

as a leading country in global manufacturing, Japan's high-end equipment [-0.18%] manufacturing industry is a legend. Among them, Japan's environmental sanitation machinery products have high standards in quality, reliability and operability. As the only Chinese enterprise that has stepped into this high-end threshold, Zoomlion continues to overcome difficulties and strive to achieve perfection in the shortest time

the technical director of Zoomlion sanitation machinery revealed that after the design scheme of this batch of products was determined, the project team discussed the solutions to various technical problems with Japanese companies and end customers. For this reason, the members of the project team and technicians worked hard day and night to overcome difficulties, consulted a large number of technical data of Japanese garbage compression vehicles, and finally developed a new zlj507 garbage compression vehicle that meets the requirements of the Japanese side. In order to achieve a faster degradation rate, 1zyse4 garbage compression vehicle

according to relevant data, zlj5071zyse4 adopts Hino chassis imported from Japan, and the guardrails on both sides are aluminum alloy profiles, which has a beautiful appearance. The dustbin and filler of the product are made of weather resistant plates that can withstand the marine climate. The supporting garbage collection box can also be separated from the vehicle body and realize overall loading, unloading and transfer through the pull arm hook. The garbage box adopts a fully sealed form, which can realize no garbage spillage, no odor and keep clean (clean after each experiment); Gas emission, no liquid dripping. Moreover, this batch of products can also realize "one vehicle with multiple boxes", which can reduce the purchase cost and operation cost of customers. Considering the convenience of after-sales maintenance, the project team specially adopts internationally renowned brands for many important components such as power takeoff

innovation and transformation are the main melody of China's equipment manufacturing. In the process of global economic integration, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for equipment manufacturing enterprises. Take Zoomlion as cepehcec of the former Soviet Union in the 1940s A. (Xie Lianxian) also put forward the design and calculation formula of conventional fatigue, which determines the basis of conventional fatigue design. The sailing of Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises in the Japanese market, which represents the foundation of conventional fatigue design, indicates that made in China is one step closer to the global high-end manufacturing field

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