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Zoomlion earth moving machinery will appear in full dress at Shanghai BMW exhibition

Zoomlion earth moving machinery will appear in full dress at Shanghai BMW exhibition

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on the booth of Zoomlion at this year's Shanghai BMW exhibition, three star earth moving machinery products of Zoomlion will appear in full dress. While highlighting Zoomlion's first-class technical strength, they will also show Zoomlion's keen insight and rapid response to market demand

the best choice for infrastructure construction - ZD crawler bulldozer

the ZD crawler bulldozer that went to the Shanghai BMW exhibition this time integrates efficient operation, stable performance, comfort and convenience. It is a typical application of the latest scientific and technological achievements of Zoomlion and a representative model of high-end bulldozers. ZD has advanced power matching, equipped with electronic control engine, mature technology and full power; Equipped with large displacement silencer and air pre filtration, it is more reliable to use. This model has advanced and reliable hydraulic transmission, with a contribution rate of 23.82%. It can automatically adapt to load changes, operate easily and flexibly, start smoothly and have good traction. In addition, ZD's operating platform is also equipped with a large screen color LCD screen, which displays the operating parameters of the machine in real time, which is beautiful and convenient. ZD has superior performance and high cost performance, which is the best choice for infrastructure construction

earthwork expert - ze230e-9 crawler hydraulic excavator

at this BMW Shanghai exhibition, the audience will also see the ze230e-9 crawler hydraulic excavator, a high-tech excavator independently developed by Zoomlion. It can be applied in the fields of road, real estate, demolition, water conservancy construction and other basic construction, and has the reputation of "economic and reliable earthwork expert". Ze230e-9 is equipped with a fully electronic control engine specially matched for excavators, which has high power, high quality, strong power, high efficiency, energy saving, reliability and durability; At the same time, its precise electro-hydraulic integrated control system has a variety of power mode options, which can give priority to the amount of work or fuel saving. With a large capacity bucket, the operation is more efficient; Ze230e-9's improved valve control structure, special buffer valve and extended operating handle are leading in the industry in terms of controllability and comfort. In addition, the GPS system of the product is effectively integrated with the electronic control system, and equipped with a multi-function color screen monitor, which can realize the remote real-time effective monitoring of equipment operation. Ze230e-9 truly realizes the high efficiency and energy saving of the machine, and achieves the best power consumption ratio

mine operation artifact - ze360e-9 crawler hydraulic excavator

another excavator product of Zoomlion participating in the exhibition is ze360e-9 crawler hydraulic excavator. It has oil-saving and durable characteristics and excellent performance. It is specially designed for domestic mines and has a high cost performance ratio. Ze360e-9 strengthens the track frame, increases the track grounding length, and has stronger bearing capacity, which is stable and reliable; At the same time, like the ze230e-9 crawler hydraulic excavator, the ze360e-9 also has an accurate electro-hydraulic integrated control system, which can select a variety of power modes to achieve the priority of operation volume or fuel saving. Equipped with a large capacity rock bucket, the ore operation is higher. Due to the new engine of this practical type, Huaibei needs only to convert 1 unit of Newton to build an aluminum based new material industrial base Kn (also expressed by "kg kg, ton T, kPa KP") channel effect. At the same time, the GPS system of the product is effectively integrated with the electric control system, and the equipment can be monitored remotely and in real time during operation. Ze360e-9 features high power, high reliability and low fuel consumption, making it a "mine operation artifact"

these three high-quality and efficient earth moving machinery are the crystallization of Zoomlion's scientific and technological wisdom and the comprehensive embodiment of its R & D strength. Their appearance at the Shanghai BMW exhibition is believed to bring a different experience to Chinese and foreign audiences. (this article is from Zoomlion)

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