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World Environment Day draws attention to Linde's green environmental protection cause in action

World Environment Day draws attention to Linde's green environmental protection cause in action

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in recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, factors such as energy consumption, pollutant emission and tail gas emission have caused increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, and people pay more and more attention to the topic of environmental pollution. In May 2015, China's Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the theme of China Environment Day on June 5 this year - "practice green life", which is intended to enhance people's awareness of environmental protection and advocate people to choose a low-carbon and energy-saving lifestyle. As a world leading enterprise in the field of material handling equipment, warehousing and logistics technology, Linde has always insisted on promoting the development of environmental protection and worked hard to improve China's environmental situation with practical actions

set an example in carrying out green action, public welfare and environmental protection

opening the history of Linde's green action in China, we can find that Linde has always been at the forefront of the industry in advocating and leading green corporate culture for many years

Linde took the lead in promoting and disseminating the concept of "EHS environmental protection/health/safety" in the industry since 2008. It took more than 7 months to carry out "special seminars on green procurement" and large-scale interactive activities to promote and promote the concept of EHS and green procurement to partners in more than 20 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Suzhou and Guangzhou. As Mr. guojinpeng, President and CEO of Linde (China), said, "we have brought the rigor and professionalism of European enterprises to the soil of China, which is both a kind and a commitment."

since then, Linde has carried out a series of green environmental protection actions in China. At the opening ceremony of the third "Linde Cup" forklift vocational skills competition last year, Linde (China) and the China greening Foundation donated an ecological "anti haze forest" named after "Linde Cup" in Beijing Xishan Park. At present, the forest is rising well. "The problem of environmental pollution has become a hot spot in society, and the anti haze forest donated by Linde for the first time will play an important role in greening the surrounding environment of Beijing, improving regional ecological conditions, and controlling urban smog." Mr. Zhang Yang, a project official of the China greening foundation, said, "Linde (China) has made great contributions to the society of enterprises. The China greening Foundation hopes to affect all sectors of society to jointly protect the ecological environment, deal with urban smog, and take practical actions to protect our homes through Linde's donation." For this donation, Mr. Xie De'an, vice president of Linde (China), said, "Linde regards participation in social public welfare activities as a long-term cause. This donation of 'Linde Cup' anti haze forest is a practice of environmental protection and the responsibility of the enterprise."

the development of green forklifts has been recognized.

Linde has also injected green corporate culture into its products and is committed to the development of energy-saving products and the application of energy-saving technology. For example, Linde internal combustion forklift truck meets the European third stage emission standard in terms of exhaust emissions, and has excellent performance in fuel saving and energy saving, fully meeting the needs of users for energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition, Linde also has a wide range of electric environmental forklifts, such as electric counterweight forklifts, electric pallet forklifts, forward moving forklifts, narrow channel forklifts, etc., which can meet the needs of users under different working conditions. Its unique LDC (Linde digital control technology) control system, as well as the drive system in the form of dual motor drive, can also achieve the technical advantages of low energy consumption, smooth walking, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving in practical operation

Linde's performance in energy conservation and environmental protection has won the recognition of the industry. At the just concluded Second China (International) green warehousing and distribution conference, Linde was successfully selected into the "China Green warehousing and distribution technology and equipment recommendation catalogue (first batch)" jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of environmental protection. This activity aims to guide enterprises to actively implement green procurement, build a chain relationship between green supply located at the junction of the Pan Pearl River Delta and the Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, establish a green market transmission mechanism, and promote China's green development. Linde is the enterprise with the widest product coverage in the recommended catalogue, and it is also the only enterprise that covers both a full range of electric forklifts and a full range of internal combustion forklifts. It is worth mentioning that Linde can not only ensure that the energy consumption of each forklift is far lower than the industry standard, but also organize more than 120 police forces to implement strict safety and environmental protection policies in the process of product manufacturing to avoid the discharge of pollutants such as sewage and waste oil that have not been properly and safely recycled. Therefore, it is well deserved to be selected into the recommended catalogue

Linde not only actively participates in the construction of environmental protection externally, but also internally starts from its own source to produce forklift products that meet environmental standards; At the same time, regular environmental protection activities and training are also carried out for employees, which fully reflects Linde's adherence to the concept of EHS environmental protection, health and safety, and his commitment to the harmonious and sustainable development of human, society and environment, so as to truly achieve both internal and external repair, and make his own efforts to improve China's environment. But Linde also knows that the power of an enterprise is limited. On the occasion of world environment day, Linde hopes to advocate more enterprises to actively participate in the cause of protecting China's environment and work together to build a green China through their own actions

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