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The world emerging technology summit was held in Beijing

from January 8 to 9, the world emerging technology summit hosted by MIT and hosted by MIT's science and technology entrepreneurship magazine was held in Beijing. The theme of the summit is how scientific and technological innovation can promote China's new economy but change the economy of general manufacturers

the conference showed the world's most cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation achievements, focusing on the development of new energy and biotechnology, and opened a special session for new energy and biotechnology. This is the first set of self-developed and integrated automatic tensile experimental robot system for domestic steel enterprises. In the special session on new energy, energy experts from famous research institutions and enterprises such as the energy and Environment Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of technology discussed the development status and trends of new energy, and how the government should launch relevant policies to drive the development of the industry. In the special session of biotechnology, the guests discussed how biotechnology should be combined with other technologies to enter a broader application field

the main reason for its excellent flame retardancy is that this kind of epoxy resin has excellent expansion and charring ability. Some American scholars and environmental activists hold a negative attitude towards the development and development of new energy sources such as oil sand, shale gas and corn ethanol. They believe that the carbon dioxide emitted by oil sands fuel in the whole life cycle is 10% - 20% more than that of petroleum fuel, and the exploitation of shale gas and large-scale corn ethanol production will also bring greater environmental threats, which will hinder the improvement of energy efficiency and the market promotion of environmental protection products such as electric vehicles

in addition, the meeting also introduced the latest research progress of the world's emerging technologies, such as cloud computing and interconnection, green low-carbon electric vehicles, and breakthroughs in the research and development of product precision performance

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