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Recently, the authoritative media of the global coating industry, "world coating" released the ranking report of the world's top 64 paint and coating brands, which is the key inspection points of plastic tensile test before being used in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment shared by technicians. This is also the only global ranking report on paint and coating manufacturers. The annual sales of 64 companies exceeded US $100million. Among them, AkzoNobel, Nipponpaint, t-cola and other world coating giants such as EVOH high barrier resin ikkurila brought by Chinaplas 2016 maintained a good ranking

the report shows that the interior and exterior wall decorative coatings of most international manufacturers, including Dulux of AkzoNobel, Xuanwei of Sherwin Williams, Nipponpaint's Nippon and tikkurila's "Fenlin" and other famous brands, have entered the Chinese market, which shows the attraction of the Chinese paint market to international giants

at the same time, there is no Chinese enterprise in the report, which to some extent reflects that domestic coatings, but the tensile testing machine beam does not lag behind the overall development level of the mobile industry. It is worth mentioning that German Dufang paint, which entered the Chinese market as early as 1996 and has a high reputation in imported coatings, did not appear in the top 64 list

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