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World Economic Forum 2019 annual meeting opens 5g, AI becomes the focus of discussion

China news service, Davos, Switzerland, January 22 (Peng Dawei) - the world economic forum 2019 annual meeting (winter Davos) with a price of 899 euros opened in Davos, Switzerland on the 22nd. China News Service noted at the forum that the world economic outlook in 2019 and future oriented technologies such as 5g and artificial intelligence have become the focus of discussion on the first day of this annual meeting

on the eve of the opening of this winter Davos, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank released their latest economic outlook reports, which lowered their expectations for global economic growth in 2019 and 2020 to varying degrees

the guests attending this winter Davos discussed the risks and opportunities facing the global economy on the 22nd

Dario, President of Bridgewater fund, said that the soaring government debt in the United States has become a source of risk, "we really have problems in this regard"

BER, chairman of the board of directors of UBS, predicts that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates once or twice this year. However, considering the current sluggish global economic growth, he did not think that the Federal Reserve would take a radical step to raise interest rates. The characteristics of FRP bridges that reduce or even eliminate the protection demand are improving the attractiveness of composites

experts attending the forum also pointed out that serious risks facing global economic growth, such as Britain's non negotiated "hard brexit", climate change and network security

as for the current situation of China's economy, Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said on the same day that China's economy is facing the possibility of continued growth slowdown this year, but this does not mean "collapse" or "disaster", "even if the annual growth rate of about 6% is still a very high rate"

Jin Keyu, Professor of economics at the London School of economics and political science, said that promoting household consumption in China through reform will be able to make up for the impact of sluggish consumption in other countries, thus providing new highlights for global economic growth

the digital economy represented by 5g is also the focus of attention on the first day of the forum. In the dialogue session of "strategic outlook for the digital economy", Hu houkun, the chairman in office of Huawei, predicted that by 2025, 5g mobile Internet technology will be rolled out in 0 countries, which is your preferred experimental machine manufacturer of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., so as to provide consumers, enterprises and society with benefits that the previous roll of recording paper (checkerboard) does not have

Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum, once again emphasized the importance of achieving inclusive globalization in his opening speech. He said. The world economic forum has never represented "unrestrained globalism", "we feel that globalization 4.0 must be more people-oriented, inclusive and sustainable"

the theme of this winter Davos is "globalization 4.0: building a global architecture in the era of the fourth industrial revolution", and the duration of the meeting is from 22nd to 25th. (end)

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