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The world cup is coming, and industrial upgrading is also coming. See how Shandong can synchronize environmental protection with high-end and high-quality development.

on June 14, the quadrennial world cup feast will officially kick off, all ideas and expectations will be slowly fulfilled, and the channel for the disclosure of all predictions will also be slowly opened. 32 strong teams are ready to go, and each of the 64 games is worth looking forward to

for the chemical industry in Shandong Province, June this year is also an unusual time point. Since June 2017, Shandong Province has launched a five-year special action for the transformation and upgrading of work safety in the chemical industry. As of this month, the special action has been carried out for a full year. The person in charge of Shisheng new material told reporters that since this year, Shandong Province has found a total of 157000 potential safety hazards, completed 132000 rectification, closed 749 chemical enterprises and stopped production for rectification, accounting for one third of the chemical production enterprises in the province. In this year, the special action has been carried out in-depth and focused on the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, and phased progress has been made in the identification of parks, enterprise rating and evaluation, renovation of dangerous chemical transport vehicles, enterprise relocation, planning and other aspects

talking about the next work goal, Shandong chemical special action plan is to complete the identification of chemical parks by the end of September, strive to control the number of chemical parks in the province within 75 and professional chemical parks within 10, strengthen the application of chemical enterprise rating and evaluation results, put forward a list of enterprises to be closed, eliminated, transformed and upgraded, and developed and expanded, and urge all cities to establish joint working groups, We will resolutely clean up and ban a number of illegal and illegal hazardous chemical transportation enterprises, urge cities to timely determine the list of relocation and transformation enterprises, start relocation and transformation as soon as possible, cultivate a number of chemical industry clusters with more competitive advantages, and speed up the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

the industrial advantages of the largest province of chemical industry highlight

Shandong, as an important city of the domestic chemical industry, has the largest number of chemical enterprises and has a solid industrial foundation. By the end of 2016, 104 chemical enterprises in Shandong had entered the list of the national top 500 chemical enterprises, accounting for 20% of the total. For many consecutive years, it has been firmly seated in the throne of norplex Micarta, the largest chemical industry province in the country, and several major parks in the province have been deeply cultivated locally for many years, Both have achieved good results

at the 2018 China Chemical Industry Park and Industry Development Forum held in Zhuhai recently, what happened to the failure of PetroChina and PetroChina torsion testing machine to load? The park working committee of the Federation of science and Industry released the list of "2018 top 30 China chemical industry parks" and "2018 top 10 China chemical industry potential parks". Four parks in Shandong were selected as the top 3, which greatly increased the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials by 0, once again reflecting the important position of Shandong chemical industry in China

environmental protection and high-end high-quality development are carried out synchronously.

as a large province with intensive oil refining and chemical enterprises, Shandong has always been one of the key monitoring points of environmental protection. In order to cope with the huge pressure of safety production and environmental protection, Shandong Province has been carrying out special rectification actions for chemical industry in recent years, but facing the pressure of transformation, Shandong has also focused more on the high-end and high-quality development of the industry

on June 11, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission learned that 90 oil upgrading projects have been determined to be implemented by the end of 2022, with a total investment of about 112.67 billion yuan. Most of the projects involve the improvement of processing units and production technology upgrading of local refining enterprises in the province, as well as the supporting and improvement of secondary processing units such as hydrofining, catalytic reforming, alkylation, isomerization, etc

at present, the primary processing capacity of crude oil in Shandong Province is 210 million tons/year, accounting for 28% of the national total capacity, of which the local refining capacity is 130 million tons/year, accounting for 70% of the national total refining capacity. However, Shandong's petrochemical industry is scattered, the product structure is single, the regional market competition is fierce, the refining and chemical integration level is low, the deep processing level of petrochemical products is not high, and the pressure of safety and environmental protection is still large. In response to these problems, Shandong Province has been strengthening planning guidance, actively promoting the construction of major projects, and accelerating the implementation of various support policies

in the future, with the strengthening of national environmental protection and the further upgrading of environmental storm, optimize the layout of the chemical industry, so as to effectively solve the contradiction between the prevention and control of Park pollution and the development of economy. It is necessary to find out the balance point between economic development and ecological environment. Undoubtedly, promoting the transformation and upgrading of production capacity, taking the high-end and high-quality development path or the most effective way to solve this problem

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