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The world cup has brought us those packaging opportunities

the enthusiasm of the capital market comes from the value drive of the continuous expansion of the industrial cake. Data from the Ministry of Finance showed that in January this year, the cumulative sales of lottery tickets nationwide reached 8034 billion yuan, an increase of 15.9% year-on-year, of which the Internet lottery contributed the most. Relevant data also reflect this phenomenon: in 2011, the scale of China's Internet lottery market was 15 billion yuan, and by 2013, the number had exceeded 40 billion yuan at one stroke

in the view of China Merchants Securities analysts, this high-profile atmosphere of China's Internet lottery industry will continue for a long time. The analyst believes that from a worldwide perspective, even if the global economy suffers from a downturn, the lottery industry has maintained an overall annual growth rate of 5.38%, while in China, where the gambling industry is still in the primary stage of development, the growth rate has remained between 18% and 25% for many years, and the sales volume of China's lottery market may expand to 500billion yuan by 2016. In other words, it is estimated that the penetration rate of paperless lottery tickets in developed countries is 20% - 40%, and the sales volume of online lottery tickets in China will reach 135billion yuan in 2015, an increase of 95billion yuan compared with 2013

in addition, the latest policy measures have also injected strength into the new packaging of lotteries, which will be the biggest market thing of plastic processing machinery. According to the notice on the issuance of China sports lottery single game winning and losing games issued by the Ministry of Finance in April, the guessing projects will cover 12 categories, including football, basketball, ball, etc., which means that outside the traditional field, lotteries have a broader world of performance

for the short-term market performance, Guangfa Securities analysts said that according to the historical law, the month of each year is usually the peak season of the lottery market. Therefore, even if there is a first quarter performance, the lottery market in the second quarter is still worth looking forward to

historical data show that sports lottery sales have been greatly encouraged by events such as the 2012 Olympic Games and the European Cup. In China, in a number of events involving domestic football clubs in 2013, the relevant sports lottery has received enthusiastic responses from fans. Since March this year, the golden season of international football has arrived as scheduled, and the five major European leagues and the European Champions League have entered the critical stage of the event. In particular, the world cup in Brazil will also start in March, and the highly watched events have also made the sales of competitive lottery a little more hot

Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is really hidden. At present, the pattern of the Internet lottery industry is roughly divided into three categories: professional vertical stations, lottery channels of portals or e-commerce stations, and mobile apps. In terms of sales mode, it is divided into B2B and B28, and step C mode when changing the printing paper roll. Therefore, once the season comes, the ability to import network traffic is crucial to the lottery sales platform. Observers believe that the main magic weapon to increase traffic is to take a professional path and improve the user product experience so as to improve the stickiness of the user platform

according to the latest results released by 500 lottery, the leading enterprise of lotteries, its active users reached 89.4% in the fourth quarter of 2013, with a month on month increase of 139%, of which mobile users accounted for 67%. In order to develop new people, more and more vertical stations choose to cooperate with large platform stations to improve user traffic, such as the cooperation between Aoke and the people, and the entry of 500 lottery tickets into No. 1 store, which is only attracting more potential users. Even Internet giants including Taobao, Sina and Yi have entered the online lottery market one after another, trying to cut a piece of the big cake

it is a general trend that Internet lottery replaces offline channels. The most important thing is to omit channels and intermediate links, so that the profitability of Internet lottery companies is much higher than that of betting stations, and the Internet itself also has unlimited geographical extension. 1. Microcomputer closed-loop control and coverage. Therefore, once it catches the east wind of football matches, the Internet lottery is expected to grow explosively

in view of the fact that the Internet industry is also developing in the direction of mobile Internet, analysts suggest that the introduction of lottery playing methods with games as the carrier will become the key development direction of Internet lottery enterprises, and investors are advised to pay close attention to the investment opportunities of such varieties. Guangfa Securities Research Report shows that due to the catalysis of the world cup, the sales of Internet lottery tickets are expected to increase by about 150% in 2014

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