The hottest Hebei enters the era of volte HD voice

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Hebei has entered the era of volte HD voice.

can't I play it? no! The 4G network is not available. 5. The instrument is regularly protected and maintained. There is only high-speed data service, as well as high-quality audio and video call volte. After the province took the lead in providing 4g+ high-definition voice (volte) services, the following are the maintenance and inspection methods for common problems: on the basis of service, Hebei Mobile has taken all-round and multi measures to improve the quality of volte network, which was officially put into commercial use at the end of September, realizing the unified bearing of data and voice through the 4G network, and Hebei users have entered the era of high-definition voice

volte brings high-quality and more natural audio and video call effects

some people say: I have, why use volte

the professional technicians of Hebei mobile told Ben and FA that there may be problems. Cetime is an Ott VoIP service, which relies on the network to exchange data packets. Its stability is uncertain

if signals are regarded as traffic, VoIP services are similar to cars. They need to crowd together with other cars (text, pictures and videos) to seize the lane. It is not surprising that there are traffic jams. While volte is used by subway and special line trains. No one else will seize the lane, and it is almost not delayed. Technicians said that through volte technology, the most direct feeling of 4G users is that the connection waiting time is shorter and the quality of audio and video calls is higher

it is reported that volte is an IMS based voice service, rather than a traditional IP network. It is built on the operator network, which means that the operator can provide a higher level of control and management for volte. Compared with 2G and 3G voice calls, the voice quality of volte can be improved by about 40% because it uses high-resolution encoding and decoding technology. Volte brings users lower access delay (waiting time after dialing), which is 50% lower than that of 3G, about 2 seconds, while in the 2G era, it takes 6-7 seconds. In addition, the drop rate of 2G and 3G occurs from time to time, but the drop rate of volte is close to zero. Not to mention video calling, the 2G and 3G era have not been realized, and the volte technology under 4G can well change this situation

volte is charged according to the call package without any traffic charge

in order to provide users with the ultimate experience, Hebei Mobile has comprehensively focused on the key problems of volte network, carried out end-to-end joint analysis, organized technical forces to focus on tackling key problems, and made full use of test analysis, signaling analysis, complaint analysis and other means to solve the problems of unclear specifications, equipment defects, interoperability between different manufacturers, terminal defects Three problems of poor quality. Indoor, outdoor, high-speed, high-speed rail and other scenarios have been continuously optimized, effectively ensuring users' high-speed data business experience

volte's voice is indeed very high fidelity. The voice heard is like a real person talking in your ear. When using video to call, there will be no problems such as jamming, time delay, intermittent speech, etc., and it is as smooth as playing a high-definition movie. Tangshan citizen Mr. Duan has used volte for two months

many fashion professionals who have experienced volte say that it is much more convenient to have volte. They can send pictures while playing, and they can also communicate directly with friends and colleagues through video. It is simply a tall building

however, many people are concerned that volte has entered the trial production stage, and the networking speed is so fast. Will using volte cause a large amount of traffic charges

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of Hebei Mobile said that although volte uses 4G traffic, Hebei mobile will not charge the traffic generated by it, but will separate it and charge according to the call package

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