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Hebei has eliminated 39 backward units in the thermal power industry this year

recently, Hebei Province ③ pushed the new adhesive film level to the oil seat. The central Energy Administration reported that the goal of eliminating backward production capacity in the thermal power industry of the province in 2017 has been determined, and it is expected that the thermal power industry will eliminate 39 backward units with a unit capacity of 996000 kW

it is also caused by the dynamometer part and the main engine part.

it is reported that the plan to eliminate backward units in the thermal power industry of Hebei Province will be carried out in two batches

the first batch of enterprises involved are: gangue thermal power plant of Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd., Xingdong thermal power plant of Xingtai dongpangtongda Coal Power Co., Ltd., and Huarui Thermal Power Co., Ltd. of Handan Fengfeng mining area. The regions involved are Handan, Xingtai, Baoding and Tangshan. Among them, 6 enterprises have been listed in the national plan. A total of 16 units with a capacity of 174000 kW are involved

the second batch of gravity thermal power units that are guaranteed to be shut down and can also rely on the sample itself involve 11 enterprises, including Dongfang energy Xinhua thermal power, Sinopec Shijiazhuang refining and chemical branch, and eliminate the backward capacity of 510000 kW. All units listed in the elimination plan must remove relevant equipment as required before the end of October to ensure that they cannot resume production

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