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Hebei launches "clean water 2019" environmental law enforcement special action recently, the environmental protection department of Hebei Province, which has a high eco-environmental ratio intensity, issued a plan, and decided to organize and carry out the "clean water 2019" environmental law enforcement special action throughout the province from June to the end of 2019, to severely crack down on the illegal discharge, excessive discharge, illegal discharge of toxic and harmful pollutants into water bodies, abnormal use of water pollution prevention and control facilities, falsification or falsification of environmental monitoring data Various illegal acts, such as destroying drinking water sources or damaging water ecological environment, have policies to protect the development of recycled plastic granulator and promote the ecological environment protection and continuous improvement of water environment quality in our province

it is understood that during the "clean water 2019" action, the focus of law enforcement in Hebei will focus on six key issues: sewage treatment plants in towns and industrial parks, water related industrial enterprises, water related "scattered pollution", environmental violations in drinking water sources, river courses and surrounding areas, and large-scale livestock and poultry breeding. In accordance with the principle of "full coverage, no dead corners, and no omissions", comprehensive and centralized investigation and remediation will be carried out. Conduct thorough troubleshooting on an enterprise by enterprise, process by process and pipeline by pipeline basis, fully understand the basic number of enterprises involved in water, and comprehensively master the analysis, treatment and display of water discharge from enterprises involved in water; Colleagues' water whereabouts, establish a full caliber investigation and remediation list, severely crack down on illegal construction projects, illegal setting of sewage outlets, excessive discharge, illegal discharge and other illegal behaviors related to water environment, and urge the rectification of problems in place

at the same time, during the action, we comprehensively collected all kinds of clues about sewage environmental violations, comprehensively sorted out the reports of water related environmental pollution and environmental complaints received by the masses since 2018, especially the repeated visits, conducted on-site inspection on the cross construction of more than 100 construction workers one by one, and "looked back" on the problems that had been solved. Adhere to the law and intensify the crackdown on illegal acts related to water environment, especially strengthen the implementation of daily continuous punishment, seizure, production restriction, transfer and detention, resolutely rectify a number of water related discharge enterprises and key areas of water pollution that seriously pollute the environment, and promote the continuous improvement of water environment quality in our province

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