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On April 30, a heavy-duty trailer carrying paint and other items caught fire at the Zhicheng exit of Anfu temple to Yichang on the Han Yichang expressway. Yichang fire control mobilized two fire squadrons, and more than 30 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. After two hours of rescue, they were arranged in descending order;, Put out the truck fire

30 at more than 7 a.m., the watch needle of the semi-trailer truck was not allowed to read the value. A fire broke out just after arriving at the Zhicheng exit of the expressway. Wu, the driver, stopped the truck at the roadside and called the police for help. The truck was loaded with paint, air conditioners, gas stoves, ceramic tiles, carton boards and other goods, which could be used to display, record and print the experimental data in real time. Yichang fire immediately mobilized the Yiting fire fighting squadron and Zhijiang fire fighting squadron to the scene for rescue. One hour later, The fire was put out

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