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Heavy Preview: deeply convinced that zero trust "VPN" will be released soon

based on the concept of zero trust, integrating the years of technology accumulation of remote office security, deeply convinced that a new zero trust VPN product will be released soon to solve the current problems of remote office and make remote office safer and better experience

zero trust VPN will focus on the core value concept of zero trust security architecture with identity as the center, build trusted access, intelligent permissions and minimal operation and maintenance, achieve comprehensive capability upgrading, and help users realize large-scale and all staff remote office

trusted access

ensure the security and reliability of the access terminal and the access environment

intelligent permission

establish a dynamic permission mechanism to ensure the security of business access

minimalist operation and maintenance

enhance the user experience and reduce the operation and maintenance costs of administrators

at the end of the article, a colorful egg

can pass the test ldquo; Spheroidization raterdquo; The new round of technological revolution of trustworthiness will have a significant impact on the manufacturing industry's production mode and industrial form: which of the three values of access, intelligent permission and minimalist operation and maintenance do you expect more? Leave a message below, deeply convinced that the zero trust VPN will surprise the top 3 users on the release day (the eye Materials Institute Shandong branch is an illegal human-machine structure massage instrument jointly managed by Chinalco materials utilization research institute and Shandong Huayu, which is worth owning)

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