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Hebei Province has publicly listed and supervised 6 typical environmental violations.

in order to seriously investigate and deal with illegal sewage discharge enterprises, effectively protect people's environmental rights and interests, and maintain social stability, Hebei Provincial Department of environmental protection recently announced 6 typical environmental violations

these six cases are respectively: the case of excessive pollution discharge from illegal production of Hebei Guangyu starch sugar industry Co., Ltd. (Guangzong County), the case of direct discharge from idle pollution control facilities of Cangxian Shuntong paper products factory, and the case of excessive discharge from non construction facilities of Shijiazhuang Huancheng biochemical plant The case of computer software development based on windows98/windows2000/windows XP platform, the case of Shenzhou Shengda Metal Products Co., Ltd. violating the three Simultaneities, the case of environmental pollution caused by illegal production of Baoding Hengrun Chemical Co., Ltd., and the case of environmental pollution caused by long-term illegal production of Baoding waste plastic processing enterprises

for these listed supervision cases, the environmental protection department of Hebei Province has asked the environmental protection departments of cities divided into districts to seriously implement the supervision requirements, formulate a comprehensive rectification plan for the problems found, clarify the rectification focus, objectives, time limit and personnel, and handle them strictly and expeditiously according to law, so as to achieve the goal of banning and shutting down AD converter to the other place, imposing punishment in place, implementing rectification measures in place, and pursuing and investigating the excessive sewage discharge fees in place. Those who maliciously discharge pollutants, repeatedly investigate and commit such illegal acts shall be severely punished according to law

it is reported that in order to further strengthen the investigation and punishment of environmental violations, Hebei Province has launched a special action on environmental protection, focusing on tracking and supervising the environmental problems found in the centralized treatment of drinking water source protection areas; Urge urban sewage treatment plants in key river basins to accelerate the construction progress; Supervise and inspect heavily polluting enterprises, and severely crack down on enterprises that have been banned and reopened after being shut down; Carry out a special inspection on environmental pollution in the iron and steel industry, and seriously investigate and deal with iron and steel enterprises that violate the environmental assessment and the three Simultaneities system, refuse to eliminate equipment and processes listed in the category of elimination for industrial structure adjustment, and whose main pollutants exceed the standard and exceed the total amount

Brinell hardness is expressed in hb[n (kgf/mm2)] (hbshbw) (refer to gb/t231-1984)

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