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Heavyweight: the United Kingdom confirms that the risks of Huawei equipment in 5g applications are controllable

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according to the financial times, the national cyber security center of the United Kingdom has concluded in an unpublished report that the risks of using Huawei equipment in 5g networks are controllable

the report quoted an insider as saying that as a member of the UK five eye alliance, the UK's conclusions will have a significant impact on other European countries. If the UK is confident in controlling threats to national security, other countries can also assure the public that they will continue to allow their communication service providers to use Chinese equipment in a prudent manner, as long as they take the preventive measures recommended by the UK

the UK national network security centre is also participating in the UK government's assessment of communication infrastructure. The assessment, led by the Department of digital, culture, media and sports (DCMs), is expected to be completed this spring. The report quoted an insider as saying that the DCMs may include suggestions on how to deal with Huawei's threat to 5g network security, may recommend diversification of suppliers, and partially restrict some areas of 5g network

last Friday, Alex younge, head of MI6, a secret intelligence agency in the UK, said that the UK may take a relatively moderate position towards Huawei. He said that the issue is too complex to simply ban Huawei. He said that this is a more complex issue than accession or withdrawal, and all countries have the sovereignty to solve these issues

on February 13, xuzhijun, chairman in office of Huawei, said in an interview with six British media at Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen that network security and 5g technology are two different issues. Huawei is cooperating with governments and industries of various countries to jointly promote the construction of network security standards. It does not contradict Huawei's R & D and provision of 5g technology to the world

in particular, xuzhijun believes that the long-standing good cooperation between Huawei and the United Kingdom is also based on the spirit of openness and freedom in international cooperation in the United Kingdom. He advocates using rules and regulations to solve the security problems that may be involved in international cooperation, rather than simply yes or no

in the process of cooperation with the UK, China has accelerated the upgrading of plastic granulator technology by jointly establishing hcsec (Huawei network security assessment center) with the UK government, so that British citizens with DV certification can see the source code and jointly assess the security of Huawei's source code. At the same time, it has proved that Huawei has not set up a back door in its products

in addition, at the request of hcsec, Huawei's board of directors used constant communication at any time, and finally reconstructed the code accumulated over the past three decades at a very high cost, so as to improve the security level as much as possible. According to xuzhijun, the $2billion network security investment previously announced by Huawei is only the starting capital, and the future investment is immeasurable for the time being

according to Xinhua news agency, during his visit to Europe last month, State Councilor and foreign minister Wangyi stressed in response to a question about how to view the recent public crackdown on Chinese enterprises such as Huawei in some countries, that the merits of this matter are very clear. In the absence of any evidence, it is neither fair nor ethical to use state power to discredit and crack down on specific enterprises. In particular, considering the obvious political intention and political manipulation after the equipment is slightly worn, it is unacceptable that acetylene flame should never be used to clean the screw:

I think all countries should be vigilant and resist such unreasonable practices and bullying. An enterprise is an enterprise, and its survival and development are ultimately determined by market competition. What the government should do is to provide them with a fair, just and transparent business environment. Of course, all countries have the right to maintain national information security, but they cannot use the pretext of security to damage or even kill the legitimate and legitimate operation of enterprises

(Wall Street news yezhen)

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