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Safety technology for formwork installation

1. Operators entering the construction site must wear safety helmets and buckle the headbands. Operators are strictly forbidden to wear hard soled shoes and heels for homework

2. Guardrails should be set up at heights and near the edge of the hole. Zhang an 4. The accessories of the experimental machine are natural. If there is no reliable protection method on December 18, 2013, you must wear safety belts and buckle them. There should be practical safety measures in advance for the installation and removal of air and huge layout templates

3. Before the task, check whether the things used are secure. The spanner and other things must be tied to the body with ropes and chains, and the nails must be placed in the things bag to prevent falling and hurting people. Concentrate on the task to prevent the nail from wrapping up and slipping in the air

4. The operator should have a reliable foothold when installing the formwork, and should stop the operation at the Enron address to prevent up and down from working in the same vertical plane. Operators should take the initiative to hide suspended objects, and strengthen the safe understanding of self asylum and mutual asylum

5. Formwork erection shall be stopped according to the specified homework method, and the next process shall not be stopped until the formwork is firm. It is strictly forbidden to climb up and down on connectors and supports

6. During formwork erection, the operator shall not stand on the support, but set up a man board so that the operator can stand. The standing board should be made of wood medium board and properly bound firmly. Steel formwork or 5cm 10cm wood board shall not be used

7. In the process of formwork erection, if it is necessary to stop halfway, the support, lap and column head plate should be nailed firmly. When the formwork is removed intermittently, the movable formwork, lead bars, supports, etc. shall be transported away or stacked properly to prevent falling due to empty steps and holding. To sum up, there are reservations on the formwork, which is a detailed introduction of the factors that need to be considered in the protection, maintenance and selection of the material change testing machine. The hole owner should cover the hole after the device, and the reserved hole on the concrete slab should be covered after the formwork is removed

8. When the supporting part of the vertical formwork and support is installed on the foundation soil, the base plate should be added, and the foundation soil must be solid and have drainage methods. For collapsible loess, there must be waterproof measures; For frost heaving soil, there must be anti freezing and thawing methods

9. During the installation of the formwork and its support, anti overturning measures must be set and firm measures must be taken

10. Cast in situ multi-storey houses and buildings should adopt the method of segmental formwork:

1) the base floor should have the ability to accept the load of the lower layer or add support support

2) the column of the lower support shall be the column of the base support, and the base plate shall be laid

3) when adopting Suspended Formwork and truss formwork, the bearing capacity and stiffness of its support layout must meet the requirements

11. When the height between floors is greater than 5m, truss formwork or multi-layer support formwork should be selected. When adopting multi-layer support formwork, the horizontal base plate of the support should be flat, the pillar should be vertical, and the pillar of the upper base should be on the same vertical middle line

12. For column formwork with a height of more than 3m, diagonal bracing shall be set around it, and an operation platform shall be set up. Horse stool can be used for operation below 3M

13. Supports, draw bars, etc. shall not be erected on door and window frames and scaffolds. The diagonal brace and pull rod in the middle of the passage shall be set at a height of more than 1.8m

14. When lifting and transporting the formwork, the two people should work together. Inform the formwork and things to be fastened with riggings, and transport them with vertical lifting and falling machinery. It is not allowed to throw them randomly. When assembling and disassembling the combined steel formwork, there is someone up and down to help. The steel formwork and accessories shall be escorted with the assembly and disassembly, and it is strictly forbidden to throw them from high places. When removing forms in the air, special personnel shall be assigned for instructions. Warning fragments should be marked in the air, flying out of the area like bullets, surrounded by ropes and red and white flags, and staff should be suspended from passing

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