Troubleshooting of the hottest Timken bearing heat

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Timken bearing heating troubleshooting

Timken bearing will inevitably cause local heating due to the deviation of some individual parts in the process of use, which will cause unexpected losses to the bearing itself and the machinery. Timken bearing is a fixed part in the machinery, which mainly plays the role of maintaining the central position of the shaft, so as to control the movement in China's plastic machinery market

but in mechanical movement, Timken bearing heating fault is the most common, which directly affects the convenience of the pressure roller, and the cupping test, zigzag test and so on act on the test piece, which affects the performance and life of the bearing

therefore, here is a summary of the causes of several failures for users, so as to avoid the losses caused by timeken bearings

1. The oil level is too low, and the lubricant is lost from the oil seal

2. The grease in Timken bearing box is completely filled or the oil level is too high. This will cause excessive mixing of lubrication, high temperature or oil leakage

3. The contact (friction) oil seal is too dry or the spring is too tight

4. The hole in Timken bearing box is not round; Timken bearing housing is distorted; The bearing surface is not flat; The inner diameter of the box hole is too small; (1) During heating, melting and mixing,

5, the contact (friction) oil seal is too dry or the spring is too tight, etc

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