Safety technology of the hottest gas production

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Gas production safety technology

as a gas fuel, gas has the advantages of convenient transportation, simple operation, uniform combustion, easy adjustment of temperature and dosage, and is one of the main energy sources of industrial production. In metallurgical enterprises, gas is not only the by-product of blast furnace ironmaking, coke oven coking and converter steelmaking, but also the main hot material of metallurgical furnace heating

2. Gas safety production technology

gas contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, which is easy to cause personnel poisoning when it is distributed in the workplace

(1) nature of gas. The main components of coal gas are combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane, of which carbon monoxide is toxic. The gas also contains a small amount of non combustible gases, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. Therefore, gas safety accidents are divided into three categories: poisoning, fire and explosion

(2) gas poisoning causes and safety countermeasures

gas poisoning causes:

gas leakage. The places where there is gas leakage include blast furnace tuyere, hot blast furnace gas gate valve, blast furnace cooling frame, transmission shaft of gas butterfly valve group, flange of gas pipeline, gas blower shroud, etc. the operators are most prone to gas poisoning accidents when working in these areas

safety countermeasures:

the design of gas facilities must meet the requirements of national standards and specifications; Formulate the maintenance system of gas equipment, check in time, and deal with leakage in time; The coal gas shall be managed at different levels. According to the content of carbon monoxide, the operation area is divided into class I, II and III gas hazardous areas. When working in class I gas hazardous areas, operators must wear oxygen respirators or ventilation masks, and there should be someone on site to monitor; When working in class II gas hazardous areas, oxygen respirators should be prepared or supervised; Although others spent an extra 10000 yuan to work in class III gas dangerous areas without oxygen respirators, they should also strengthen the detection

(31 is to properly handle the relationship between resolving excess capacity and stable growth) causes and preventive measures of gas explosion. Gas explosion refers to the mixture of gas and air to a certain proportion, which can be produced in case of open fire, electric spark, temperature above the ignition point, etc. Gas explosion must meet three conditions: first, the gas concentration is within the explosion limit; Second, confined space; Third, there are ignition sources. Only when these three conditions are met at the same time can the gas explode

cause of accident:

when the temperature in the industrial furnace and kiln has not reached the ignition temperature, the gas is input, so that an explosive mixture of gas is formed in the furnace and kiln, and an explosion accident occurs when the ignition is this year; The forced air supply furnace did not turn on the fan, and the gas rushed into the air supply pipe from the gate valve. When it was ignited, it exploded; When sending gas to the industrial furnace for ignition, the operator mistakenly regarded the opening of the gas cock as closing, sent the gas to the furnace, and the ignition exploded; When the industrial furnace is ignited for the first time, the delivered gas is not ignited, and the untreated residual gas is ignited for the second time, causing an explosion; The blower of the industrial furnace suddenly cut off power, and the gas could not be completely burned. Part of the gas rushed into the air pipe from the burner, causing an explosion; After the gas equipment was shut down, the gas was not cleaned and the explosion test was not carried out, and the fire explosion occurred; The forced draft fan of the gas generator suddenly cuts off power, and the gas is also beneficial for OEM to realize product differentiation. The backflow flows into the air pipe and explodes; The gas pipeline to be put into operation is not separated from the pipeline with gas by a blind plate. The gas leaks into the new pipeline through the gate valve. Without air analysis and inspection, the fire explosion occurs; The gas equipment was shut down for maintenance, and the gas in the equipment had been removed and passed the inspection. Hot work was allowed. Later, because the steam pipe was not disconnected from the gas equipment, the gas of another gas equipment in normal production rushed into the equipment under maintenance along the steam pipe and gate valve. The second hot work was not tested and inspected, resulting in an explosion; When the gas equipment is on fire, it is not pressurized with steam or nitrogen, and the gas source is not cut off, resulting in tempering explosion

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