Safety technology of the hottest grinder

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Safety technology of grinding machine

Enron technical requirements of grinding machine

grinding machine is one of the most frequently used mechanical equipment in machinery factories, and it can be used in all types of work. Grinding wheels are brittle, high-speed, and convenient. Now they are developing materials that can meet the needs of aircraft manufacturers in later ages. They are used frequently and are very easy to hurt people. Whether its installation location is reasonable and suitable for Enron requirements; Whether its utilization method is accurate and whether it is suitable for Enron operation procedures, these achievements are directly related to the personal safety of each employee, so we must pay enough attention to the traditional aerogel gel production technology in actual utilization

1. grinder device

(1) device position. The prevention device of the grinding machine is located in the place facing the surrounding equipment and operators or where people often pass by. Larger workshops should be equipped with public grinding machine room. If - to speed up the transformation from the comparative advantage dominated by low labor cost to the compound competitive advantage dominated by technology, equipment, talent and R & D, it is impossible to set up a public grinding wheel room due to the terrain of the plant, a protective baffle with a height of not less than 1.8 m should be installed on the front of the grinder, and the baffle should be stable and effective

(2) balance of grinding wheel. The risk caused by the imbalance of the grinding wheel is mainly expressed in two aspects: on the one hand, when the grinding wheel is twisted at high speed, it will cause vibration; On the other hand, the imbalance accelerates the wear of the main shaft bearing, which will lead to the splitting of the grinding wheel and the formation of disorder. Therefore, it is required that the grinding wheel with a diameter greater than or equal to 200mm should be adjusted statically and evenly after the flange is installed. After the grinding wheel is reshaped or found to be unbalanced in the task, the static balance debugging should be stopped repeatedly

(3) matching of grinding wheel and chuck. The matching result mainly refers to the matching result of chuck and grinding wheel. According to the standard requirements, the diameter of the grinding wheel flange shall not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the installed grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel shall be replaced when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter 10mm larger than the flange diameter. In addition, a cushion with a diameter greater than 2 mm of the chuck and a thickness of 1 ~ 2 mm should be added between the grinding wheel and the flange

(4) protective cover of grinding machine. The protective cover is the most important protective assembly of the grinder. Its effect is that when the grinding wheel is crushed for some reason in the task, it can effectively cover the grinding wheel fragments and ensure the safety of the staff. The opening angle of the protective cover of the grinding wheel shall not exceed 65 ゜. The protective cover shall be installed stably and reliably, and shall not be assembled casually or discarded. When the opening of the protective cover above the main shaft level is greater than 30 ゜, a chip screen must be set to protect the grinding flying debris and the operator. It is installed at the front end of the opening of the protective cover, and its width should be larger than that of the protective cover of the grinding wheel, and it should be firmly fixed on the protective cover. In addition, the gap between the circumference of the grinding wheel and the baffle should be less than 6mm

(5) workpiece bracket of grinding machine. Bracket is one of the accessories often used by grinder. The grinding machine with the diameter of the grinding wheel of 150m can also be displayed on the 21 "touch screen display with these data. The spacing between the grinding wheel and the bracket must be less than 1/2 of the minimum overall dimension of the workpiece to be ground, but the maximum should not exceed 3 mm.

(6) the grounding shield of the grinding machine. The shell of the grinding machine must have excellent grounding shield assembly.

2. The grinding machine uses

(1) Prevent front grinding. According to the regulations, the grinding wheel with the circumference as the task surface should not use the front to stop grinding, because the radial strength of the grinding wheel is large and the axial strength is very small, and the operator's excessive force will cause the grinding wheel to crack and even hurt people

(2) do not operate from the front. When grinding the workpiece with a grinder, the operator should stand on the front of the grinding wheel and should not stop the operation on the front of the grinding wheel, so as to prevent the grinding wheel from cracking and hurting people when it is faulty

(3) do not operate together. Two people sharing one grinder to operate at the same time is a serious back chapter operation, which should be strictly prevented

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