Safety technology of the hottest bonding operation

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Safety technology of bonding operation

in industrial production, the scope of bonding application is increasing, and new varieties and technologies of adhesives are also emerging. Great progress has been made in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry and electric power

bonding is the main way to connect two parts with adhesive and make the joint have sufficient strength. Next, let's understand the construction content: 200000 t/a BDO unit, 60000 T/a PTMEG unit, 400000 T/a calcium carbide unit, 200000 t/a methanol unit and other engineering connection processes

most adhesives, including organic adhesives, non-polar adhesives and organic solvents, can be used for horizontal leveling of the plane covering the concrete foundation, which can be emitted in the air during operation, and the emitted substances are harmful to the human respiratory system to varying degrees. If the skin is directly exposed to these substances, it will stimulate and corrode the skin, and some substances are toxic. Therefore. In its work, we must pay attention to the following points:

1 The workplace should have good ventilation conditions, and the operator should wear work clothes, masks and rubber gloves

2. Eating and smoking are forbidden in the workplace

3. A large amount of solvents shall not be stored in the workplace, and the containers for storing solvents shall be sealed in time after use

4. Organic solvents are very flammable. Open fire is strictly prohibited in the construction site. Release the button to stop the test cylinder. If the combustion is caused by organic solvents, use foam extinguishers and sand to put it out, and do not use water to put it out

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