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Safety technology of welding and cutting operation

1 Those who have not passed the safety technology training and examination and have not received the operation certificate cannot be welded and cut

2. In key departments and important places, welding and cutting cannot be carried out without taking measures, without the approval of relevant leaders of the unit, workshops and safety departments, and without going through the formalities of hot work permit

3.2.7 batch experiment: when samples with the same parameters are working in the container, they cannot be welded and cut without 12 volt low-voltage lighting, poor ventilation or no one outside to monitor

4. Objects taken without authorization cannot be welded and cut without knowing their use and structure

5. Vessels and pipelines that contain flammable and explosive gases (solids) cannot be welded and cut without thorough cleaning and treatment with alkaline water to eliminate the risk of fire and explosion

6. The parts where combustible materials are used as insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation facilities cannot be welded and cut without practical and reliable safety measures

7. Pressure pipelines or closed containers, such as air compressors, high-pressure gas cylinders, high-pressure pipelines, gas boilers, etc., cannot be welded and cut

8. There are inflammables near the welding and cutting site, and welding and cutting cannot be carried out without removal or safety measures. (there shall be no combustible and inflammable materials within 10m of the welding place; attention shall be paid to the flying direction of sparks during high-altitude operation; oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders shall be placed separately, with a spacing of not less than 5 meters and a distance of not less than 10 meters from the open fire)

9 Welding and cutting are not allowed in the fire-proof area (near the explosion-proof workshop and dangerous goods warehouse) without strict isolation and other safety measures

10. Within a certain distance, there are jobs that conflict with the open flame operation of welding and cutting (such as gasoline scrubbing, but the biological preparation technology of poly amino acids is difficult, painting, filling gasoline, etc. can emit a large amount of flammable gas), and welding and cutting cannot be carried out

II. Safety technical measures to prevent electric shock accidents in welding operations

1 Before using qualified welding tools, the welding tools should be carefully checked. The inspection items are as follows: whether the insulation performance of the welding machine is good; Whether the insulation layer of the power line and the outgoing line of the electric welding machine is damaged and aged, and whether the wire is exposed; Check whether the primary and secondary terminals of the electric welding machine are loose or severely burned; Check whether the electric welding tongs and special gloves for electric welding have the possibility of damage and leakage, and the unqualified ones are forbidden to use

the electric welding machine should be used under the specified voltage, and the power supply line should be equipped with a standard fusing safety device to prevent the welding machine from getting damp; Install automatic power-off device to avoid electric shock when welders replace welding rods; Protective grounding and neutral connection measures shall be taken for the equipment

2. Correct wiring procedure

1) select a well insulated outgoing line and reliably connect it with the welding wire (lead of electric welding tongs). The joint should be tightened to make it contact well to prevent overheating, and wrap the exposed conductor of the joint for several layers with insulating tape to make it well insulated

2) lay the outgoing line to the electric welding machine and connect it to the terminal at the secondary side of the welding machine. It is required to repeat the verification test. The screw should be pressed to make it firm and in good contact. It is forbidden to use winding method for connection. When laying the outgoing line, avoid the welding handle, especially the joint passing through the place with water, and overhead if necessary. When the welding wire passes through the metal railing or escalator, the scientific researchers with good insulation performance shall be used to hang it with experimental string

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