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Notice of the paint industry association on organizing a group to visit Europe

notice of the paint industry association on organizing a group to visit Europe

January 16, 2009

[China paint information] according to the work plan of the China paint industry association in 2009, the Secretary of the association entered the lower book office at the door and planned to organize paint and pigment enterprises to visit Europe (Germany, France) from March 30 to April 6, 2009, Details are as follows:

visit to Europe (8 days)

1. Time: March 30 ~ April 6, 2009

2. Content: visit and investigate the biennial European international paint Exhibition 2009 (Nuremberg), well-known German enterprises LANXESS group, Celanese and other foreign enterprises, building materials markets, etc

3. Specific cost: each rmb18 should be strengthened by 800 yuan in the actual project

4. payment method: name Beijing Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd.

deposit bank: China Merchants Bank Beijing Chongwenmen sub branch

account 862781 247510001

in order to ensure the smooth completion of the inspection activities, The association should make all preparations in advance (including that the personal capital required by the embassy should not implement all matters such as the violent impact of the inclined block on the swing arm, the invitation letter for foreign visa, the foreign guarantee, and foreign visits to the building materials market). All units are requested to fax the application receipt form (Annex 1) to the association before February 27, 2009. (the information on the receipt form should be consistent with the passport. If you need to stay in a single room, please inform in advance.)

if the applicant has not applied for a personal private passport, please first apply for a private passport at the public security organ where the registered permanent residence is located, and then please fax the photocopy of the passport (with a photo page) to the association in time (see Annex 2 for the passport application method), because the passport number is required for handling the foreign invitation letter. The specific visa matters will be notified after obtaining the invitation letter after registration. The above group fees include visa fees, local official visit fees, exhibition admission tickets, three/four-star hotels or above, whole journey tips, tour guide fees, catering, international and local transportation, foreign invitation letters, etc

China Coating Industry Association

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China Coating Industry Association

January 7, 2009

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