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Tang Guoqing: the "Twelve looks" at the opportunity of LED lighting

today, I suddenly found that led is really not a "thing", not just a "legend", but a myth. Whoever depends on it to "eat", this "rice" is unpalatable. Because of eating, eating the last meal, and the next meal. What about making LED lights? Not necessarily! Because LED lights are really young lights! Later, he joked: happiness is like the East China Sea, and longevity is better than led, which can also be laughed off

in this situation, our concept urgently needs to change:

first, LED is not deified, it is a daily consumer goods. Then it should have a shelf life! Why "infinite" extension? Is it necessary for five or ten years? Why did the United States become the most domineering market power? One of the reasons is the safety regulations. It has a shelf life. For example, Christmas lights are nine months in the United States. The project and the base are listed as the national rare metal recycling demonstration project, the national key industry revitalization and technological transformation project, the national urban mineral demonstration base and the national regional large-scale renewable resources recycling base. The manufacturers of Christmas lights will be popular every year

second, don't exaggerate, isn't it a lighting product? Why must it ensure 30000 or 50000 hours? If it's really "only one lamp for a lifetime", it's sad. An energy-saving company told me that the previous contract management period (five years) ended, and none of the LED lights died. How can I sign the next one? I said: then add dimming. Using Lutron products is simple and easy to use. Wired and wireless are optional. How convenient is it. It saves both lighting power and air conditioning power. Why not

third, if you think differently, can you reverse design? What is the price of LED chips now? Professor Xiao in Taiwan said that it was the price of cabbage, and I was anxious with him. And now? Not to mention the price of cabbage, even the napkin on the table is inferior. In addition, the former is gone after eating, and the latter is gone after using, but what about led? No matter what you do? It's always there, and it's always on. A few days ago, I went to visit an enterprise. The boss joked: who can invent a lamp that only lasts for two years and then goes out without flickering or attenuation? How wonderful

"the joke is full, but the reality is the backbone". You have to get back to your senses and carefully examine: if the market is sinking, where are your countermeasures? Put another word: where is your opportunity? There happened to be a meeting, let me talk about it, so I listed the following twelve Views:

look at people's needs, and a better life drives a better light. Edison achieved the basic demand of lighting more than 130 years ago, and the lighting of the new era is not a single lighting. The point in place, bright and comfortable, warm lighting may be the biggest demand

second, look at urban development. Park cities promote park lighting. Earlier, the Shanghai municipal government had a requirement: green space can be seen within 500 meters. So far, this "standard configuration" has fallen behind. No wonder there are Yingge and Yanwu everywhere, as well as small bridges and flowing water, because "our motherland is full of gardens". No wonder flower shaped lamps sell well and expensive? Because there is culture and story

three view landscape lighting, from plane to three-dimensional 3D panoramic. The lighting of a single building has become a thing of the past. On both sides of the river, three rivers and four banks, the larger the scale is, the higher the level is. When it comes to the word "night view economy", the stage lighting will be outdoor and the indoor projection will be square. As long as it can be icing on the cake and pleasing to the eye, "everything will be extremely useful". The more "unimaginable" bold innovation is an unprecedented initiative, called "mountain click the" back "button to brighten". Originally, when you went to Hong Kong, you had to see the lights on both sides of the Xiangjiang River, which was quite spectacular and eye-catching. If you can keep pace with the times and brighten Taiping mountain, it may be the ultimate shock of beauty. The mountains and rivers of the motherland cover 9.6 million square kilometers. If they are all made, how wonderful it would be

look at the smart city, and the smart lamp cap is driven by the smart lamp pole. China's LED lighting was first promoted from "ten cities, ten thousand lamps". More than ten years have passed, and the promotion effect is very little. According to institutional statistics, it has a 30% share. I don't believe it. If you've been on a night plane and look down, the sodium lights are still yellow (except for Guangdong). Things in the world are really wonderful. As soon as the rise of smart cities this time, it has prompted the smart light pole, where there is a pole, there must be a lamp. Isn't the LED lamp on the pole? Obviously, it is a street lamp, which should be played by the illuminant. The word "wisdom" has become a cross-border matter. Lighting manufacturers are very lucky if they can supply goods. I think this is a feast. It is said that there are 250000 lights in Shenzhen, and they want to invest 50billion. No wonder manufacturers of landscape lighting are also accelerating their addition. Once in a century, a trillion level super big Mac cake

fifth, look at green buildings, which have moved towards the dimming era from changing lights. Ping'an building in Shenzhen was awarded LEED gold certification after strict five hall joint examination by international institutions. Single illumination is no longer suitable for the needs of modern lighting. Lighting + is not transferred by human will. The awareness of super high-rise and high-end office buildings in China is avantgarde, which is related to domestic and foreign architectural (lighting) Masters, who will take the lead in using intelligent systems for control and dimming. The more advanced one will be improved to the concept of "comprehensive lighting". A series of thermoplastic and thermosetting polylactide polyurethane are prepared by solution polymerization with pilot polylactide polyol, which fully integrates natural light and artificial light. Generally, high-rise and middle-end office buildings are good when they are on. How to make employees work happily and efficiently under the comfortable light, because they need light, is still relatively strange to us, or just started, this is another blue ocean! How can people who make lamps learn to make systems, dimming and control? This is a new challenge

six look at smart home. Due to the strong penetration of Internet enterprises, the concept of "whole house lighting" also came into being. "Rich people" have learned that the super silent intelligent connection of lighting construction and curtains is a measure of the taste of designers and owners. The so-called "high-end decoration, outdated lighting" will become a laughing stock. In particular, many people say that it is luxurious decoration. A row of curtains are all manually pulled ropes, which is still a scenic spot. With the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, the switches on the wall are no longer on and off, but need knob type and push rod type. Some will also need, "a gentleman neither speaks nor hands", and intelligent lighting will light up as needed. Lu Chuang will help you accurately present this dream

seven look at agricultural lighting. Industrialized plant lighting has always been respected. The demand for special plants in North America is relatively large. With the loosening of foreign laws, the demand has been triggered. General Manager Hong of the light of China has always been keen on this matter, sparing no effort to carry out all-round docking, and many domestic led enterprises are also eager to try. As a hobby of primary and secondary school students, it is feasible to do some related plant lamps and plant boxes. In other words, it will take time for people living and working at high altitudes to not only watch green from time to time, but also taste green. It will take time for large-scale application and promotion. Although there are thousands of reasons, the greenhouse aluminum deep processing industry should take three ways: win-win cooperation, expansion of utilization, and cluster development. The cost is the last word

the application of industrial lighting, ceiling lamps, T8 tubes and other lamps is a hard demand. It is well known that factories use LED lights everywhere. It seems that the standardized industrial and mining lamps are still in their infancy. The lighting specification of automobile factories led by Jilin lighting society should be a good attempt. If we go further and add intelligent control, it may effectively improve the output and quality

nine look at educational lighting, classroom lighting is very important. I remember that Professor Lin of Fudan University first proposed it to the Municipal Education Commission and also made an item. I always feel that it has not attracted the attention of the whole society. It seems that education is not short of money, only money for "lighting and good use of light". Xiamen's lidaxin, however, has done a great good thing. It has been delivering light to pianxiang schools for several years. Extending to the teacher's office, you should also use suitable lighting! As soon as the teacher is happy, the students are happy, aren't they? Let's talk about the lamp on the table. What eye protection? Good eyesight? There is no final conclusion about which is right or wrong. This may be the "disgrace" of the lighting industry. After studying lamps for so many years, just a desk lamp, can't you understand it? I'm really embarrassed to talk about "human factors lighting" in vain! No wonder: glasses city is everywhere, and its business is booming

looking at professional lighting, the requirements of market segmentation are still relatively high. Non ordinary enterprises cannot enter. It takes time to accumulate and constantly cultivate on site. There are ocean king in the South and Huarong in the north, both of which have become listed companies. Special lighting, from heaven to earth, but also into the sea. Away from lighting, suitable for various "field" occasions. Long Kang Mingsheng is just right to give full play to "small commodities, big market". Not only in the first and second tier cities, but also in the third and fourth tier cities. It's commendable

look at the health lighting on the eleventh day. There is not only the waiting room of the hospital, but also the atmosphere of the doctor's diagnosis and treatment environment. This point is often ignored. As Mr. Hao Tongji studied, if the hospital lighting is done well, maybe the doctor-patient disputes will be reduced... In addition, lighting has a "medicinal light" effect on human skin diseases, depression, herpes zoster, etc. Under the leadership of Mr. Jiang, Nanchang golden yellow light company has developed the latest internationally leading achievement, "Silicon fund yellow light" for use in bedrooms, which will not inhibit melatonin and help people sleep

twelve look at the international market, from the countries along the the Belt and Road to Africa, and the North American market. On the one hand, we can do OEM, and on the other hand, we can develop the market independently. Mu Linsen and landvance have worked hard to expand the international market and achieved results on both sides. The device goes deep into India and has become a local favorite brand. Light source lamps and lanterns have made efforts in more than 100 countries and are deeply welcomed by citizens of the earth. It is expected to rank second in the world this year. In particular, I would like to point out that the United States plans to have "two trillion dollars" and vigorously carry out infrastructure construction. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Is this another excellent opportunity for lighting

the above twelve views are just my humble opinions. I remember the sculptor Rodin once said: the world is not lack of beauty, but lack of discovery. Tang Xi extended that: the world is not short of opportunities, just seeing. What is seeing? Ma Yun said: believe, you will see! All right, believe it, then you will work

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