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Zhejiang Nanyuan pump industry: Notice on the replacement of Nanyuan trademark

dear partners: according to the company's development needs, in order to further enhance the brand image of Nanyuan pump industry, the company decided to adjust the company's corporate trademarks, such as electrical protection devices and new medical delivery devices: first, since January 1, 2019, Zhejiang Nanyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has launched the following new brand trademarks. After the new trademarks are enabled, related products Dear partners:

according to the development needs of the company, in order to further improve the brand image of Nanyuan pump, the company has decided to make the following adjustments to the company's corporate trademark:

first, since January 1, 2019, Zhejiang Nanyuan pump Co., Ltd. has launched the next new brand trademark. After the new trademark is launched, relevant products, contracts, agreements, business cards, publicity stations, posters, advertisements, etc. show the old trademark, Will be gradually replaced with new trademarks. During this period, new and old trademarks have the same effect

II. The composition of the new trademark is as follows:

the new trademark of the company is composed of three English letters "NYP", the letter "NY" stands for Nanyuan, the abbreviation of P is pump, and the overall meaning stands for "Nanyuan pump", and the right half of the letter "Y" is composed of sharp corners, which reflects Nanyuan pump industry's determination to become the cutting-edge of the industry and highlights Nanyuan's professional, dedicated and dedicated business philosophy. The overall logo is simple and elegant, with exquisite composition and high international recognition

III. The company completes the transition from the old version of the trademark to the new version of the trademark according to the following steps:

1. Before December 31, 2018, the printed plane publicity materials, product packaging, office consumables, gifts, etc. with the old version of the company's trademark will continue to be used until they are used up

connect the 1-series transmission head structure and the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation to the 1-7 experimental machine. The unprocessed surface of the 1-CUT parts and accessories should be primed and painted. 2. During the alternation of the company's new and old trademarks, Nanyuan products with differences between the old packaging and the new packaging are qualified products of Nanyuan pump industry

3. The company official, official account, exhibition publicity, etc. will change and use the new version of the company trademark before December 31, 2018

4. Individual publicity platforms such as the stations, and official account of all sales agents and dealers, which are authorized by our party to use our company's trademark, have strip scratches or wear on the end face of the rotor body. The old version of the company's trademark must be replaced by the new version of the company's trademark before January 10, 2019

please know and tell each other. Please understand the inconvenience caused to you

it is hereby notified

Zhejiang Nanyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

December 17, 2018

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