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China Composite Industry Association notice

notice on publishing "China FRP/composite raw and auxiliary materials and tooling equipment procurement manual"

FRP/composite raw and auxiliary materials and tooling equipment unit:

China's FRP/composite industry is developing rapidly, its output ranks second in the world, and its products are widely used in all fields of the national economy. For the convenience of FRP/composite ★ 9) dynamic accuracy of sensor: the load is limited, and the manufacturer of internal composite materials selects and purchases raw and auxiliary materials and tooling equipment. Our association has published the "manual of FRP raw and auxiliary materials", which brings great convenience to FRP/composite enterprises and has been highly praised by the industry. In recent years, the production and sales enterprises of FRP/composite raw and auxiliary materials and tooling equipment in China have undergone great changes in quantity, scale and product types. The entry of foreign raw and auxiliary material manufacturers and suppliers has provided a rich and colorful market for China's FRP/composite product production enterprises. In order to meet the needs of enterprises and institutions producing FRP/composite products for the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials and tooling equipment, a platform is built for both the supplier and the demander to better serve the industry and enterprises. After research, it was decided that we would publish the "latest report of China glass based on market research, steel/composite raw and auxiliary materials and tooling equipment procurement manual". It is expected to be published by the end of this year. It is hoped that all relevant units and manufacturers can only output the maximum force value. Contact the association quickly and provide relevant product information

I. time of collecting product data

May 2009 to November 2009

II. Catalogue of manual collection

(I) raw materials

1. Reinforcing materials

glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, basalt fiber and other organic and inorganic fibers and their products

2. Matrix resin

unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, vinyl ester resin and other matrix resins

3 Auxiliary materials

curing agents, accelerators, various additives, fillers, release agents and other process auxiliary materials

4, semi-finished products

SMC sheets, bmc/dmc, GMT, LFT and prepreg

(II), tooling equipment

1, winding machine (and auxiliary equipment), hydraulic press, pultrusion machine, continuous plate making machine, SMC sheet machine, BMC kneading machine, RTM, vacuum system, curing treatment equipment, resin production related equipment, etc.

2.The Testing equipment: material testing machines, physical and chemical laboratory instruments and equipment, product testing instruments, etc.

3, molds, tools

(III), material dealers (traders)

raw and auxiliary material sales and trading companies

III. recording and pricing

this procurement manual is divided into color single page, double page, black and white single page

color cover, back cover, 6000 yuan, color insert, 3000 yuan; (double page) 5000 yuan

black and white single page/1500 yuan

IV. issue the

manual to FRP/composite product production enterprises and institutions and relevant units for free



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China Composite Industry Association

April 30, 2009

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