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Chint electric products application case solicitation notice

in order to comprehensively and deeply understand the application of Chint electric products in power, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, real estate, construction and other major industries, strengthen the service and technical exchange of enterprises to customers, comprehensively reflect the professional quality and technical level of excellent electrical engineering technicians, and further promote the R & D and technological innovation of Chint electric products. On March 1st, 2009, the marketing department of Zhejiang Chint Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. officially launched the activity of "Chint around" electrical product application case solicitation, which is of great help to the staff after reading it

first, the object of the essay is

but the utilization in the industry related to people's clothing, food, housing and transportation is very few. 1. Chint Group employees and Chint dealers

2. Professional technicians with relevant Chint electric product use experience in enterprises and institutions

3. Electrical designers of design institutes in electric power, construction, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel and other industries

II. Essay theme

1. Chint electric products and engineering projects

2. Chint electric products and system solutions

3. Chint electric and China creation

4. Chint's road to innovation

III. The content of the essay

1. The application practice of Chint low-voltage electrical appliances, transmission and distribution, complete sets of electrical appliances, instruments and meters, electricians and other products in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, real estate, construction and other industries and engineering projects

2. Chint electric products' system solutions for various industries and sub sectors

3. The latest products, technologies, theoretical research results and industry and product development trends within Chint Group

IV. requirements for solicitation of papers

1. The articles submitted must be original by the contributors and have not been published in national public publications. The same articles are subject to the time of submission, and the contributions are marked with "Chint electric product application cases"

2. The manuscript is required to be less than 5000 words, the argument is clear, the content is novel, the data is reliable, the regulations are clear, the words are concise, the questions are clear, and the graphics and texts are clear, highlighting the practicality

3. The authorship of the award-winning works belongs to the author, and other relevant intellectual property rights belong to Zhejiang Chint Electric Co., Ltd. and the Japanese Academy revitalization Agency (JST) has supported the technology of graphene silicon materials and devices since 2007; In Germany, the emerging frontier research project of graphene was launched by the Science Foundation (DFG) in 2009, which is owned by the company

v. award setting

this essay has the first, second and third prizes, excellent prize and Memorial Prize:

one first prize, with a bonus of 4000 yuan

polyurethane composites suitable for flat products: waneflex 691/wannate 80691

three second prize winners, with a bonus of 2000 yuan

five third prize winners, with a bonus of 1000 yuan

ten excellent awards, with a bonus of 500 yuan

all those who participate in the submission and meet the requirements of essay solicitation can receive the Memorial Award

VI. submission method

the electronic text and contact information of the contributor's work should be sent to zhclin @

VII. Article solicitation information consultation

contact person: Zhang Chenglin


email: zhclin@

VIII. Article solicitation time

the deadline for this article solicitation is October 1, 2009 from the date of the notice

Zhejiang Chint Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. reserves the final right to interpret this activity

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