Notice on the 2009 annual meeting of Beijing spect

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Notice of the 2009 annual meeting of Beijing spectral society

in order to better communicate and promote the application of spectral analysis technology (atomic spectrum, molecular spectrum) and the development of its discipline, the spectral society of Beijing physical and chemical analysis and testing technology society is scheduled to hold the "2009 annual meeting of Beijing spectral society" at the Beijing Planetarium on January 11, 2010. It is proposed to conduct academic exchanges on the technical trends of atomic spectrum and molecular spectrum analysis, the new progress of spectral analysis instruments and other issues, and invite experts in spectral analysis to make a special report

this annual meeting will produce a collection of papers on new spectral technologies. Spectral technicians are welcome to contribute enthusiastically. Please send the full text of the article to the conference affairs group. If you want to publish the article on the national core journal analysis instrument, please indicate the journal contribution

I Part of the conference report

reporter unit


report title

China National Gold laboratory capability verification center

ZHENG Guojing

BCEIA '09 exhibition overview of atomic spectroscopy instruments and analytical technology

Institute of mechanics, Academy of Geological Sciences

Ji Zihua

development trends of atomic emission spectroscopy instruments and progress of domestic instruments

General Institute of mining and metallurgy

GAO Jieping

atomic absorption spectrometry domestic and foreign instruments Development of

Tsinghua University

SUN Suqin

progress of molecular spectroscopy instruments and molecular spectroscopy analysis of complex systems

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

yuan Hongfu

progress of portable molecular spectroscopy instruments

School of chemistry, Peking University

Li Na

progress of purple fluorescence spectrometer instruments

Tsinghua University

Zhou Qun

Raman image system and medium step grating Raman spectroscopy progress in spectral instruments

Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Bioengineering Research Center


progress of ultraviolet visible spectroscopy instruments

National Iron and steel material testing center

Application Progress of Yuxing

glow discharge spectrometer

National Geological Experiment and testing center

LUO Liqiang

portable XRF instrument in geological field analysis 3 Users can inquire about the application progress on relevant technical issues through after-sales consultation

National Iron and Steel Research Institute

Wang Minghai

new progress of atomic fluorescence instruments

PE company

Wang Guoqiang

progress of infrared spectrum image system

Shimadzu company

an Guoyu

determination of nano particle size by induced grating method

note: the specific "report topic and order" shall be subject to the notice on the day of the meeting

II. Time: January 11, 2010 8:: 00 (8:30 sign in, free lunch for the meeting)

III. location: 4D Popular Science Theater on the second floor of Hall B of Beijing Planetarium (138 Xizhimenwai street, Beijing, diagonally opposite to Beijing Zoo)

IV. bus route: 7, 15, 808, 19, 65, 102, 103, 332, 334. You should regularly turn on the power and start 360 fast, 812, 714, 716, 732, 808, 814, Yuntong 104, Yuntong 105 Get off at the zoo station on te4 and te27 roads; Get off at the zoo subway station

note: 4D popular science films will also be broadcast during the meeting. Seats are limited. Please return your receipt before December 31

v Conference team: Beijing Institute of physical and chemical analysis and testing technology

mailing address: Beike building, No. 27, West Third Ring North Road, Haidian District, Beijing (100089)

Tel: Jinan Shijin horizontal tensile testing machine core knowledge 1259/2/3 Fax:

Contact: Yu Jingqi email: vip001@

Consultation: Zhang Yan: Gui Sangang:

Beijing Institute of physical and chemical analysis and testing technology

Beijing spectroscopic society

December 16, 2009

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