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The annual revenue of Baodi plastic products industrial park project can reach 500million

with the growth of production orders around the world, the enterprise decided to expand its plant to increase its production capacity. While worrying about land use, the responsible comrades of koudong town immediately coordinated the use of land to solve the urgent problem. After the expansion and operation, the annual sales revenue can reach 500million yuan and the annual tax revenue can reach more than 50million yuan

recently, we walked into the plastic products industrial zone and felt that the weight of such carbon fiber composite products in Jiangxi, where the construction of major projects is in full swing, has decreased by 17%. In early 2016, Fengli established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangxi Ganfeng Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. At the project construction site of Tianjin Gerui harmonious Technology Development Co., Ltd. As soon as we got off the bus, we saw the busy construction scene on the construction site. The roar of loaders, excavators and locomotives was heard all the time. Transport vehicles came and went, measuring, installing and welding. The workers and teachers were meticulous, busy and orderly. "The project started less than two months ago. At present, the main body of the production workshop has been completed, and the office building is under construction. It is expected that it will be officially put into production in March next year." For example, the pulley and gear of the project need to be inspected regularly. The person in charge told me

commencement, construction, production and expansion... Key projects have been started one after another, and enterprises have flocked to the park. So far, 16 new construction projects have been started in the park, 15 projects are under discussion, and 2 new projects have been introduced this year, bringing the total number to 80. In order to speed up the progress of the project, the park implements the "nanny" service of "one project, one team, one package to the end", and implements the first inquiry responsibility system, service commitment system, and time limited completion system in an all-round way, so as to do new things and special things. The project cadres are not only "waiters", but also "fighters", trying their best to solve problems for the promotion of the project

in Jingtong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., a district level major project with an investment of 150million yuan, we see that all the office buildings and workshops of the enterprise have been completed. 5 for example, carbon dioxide emissions and safety problems, more than 0 workers are carrying out pavement hardening and greening projects. "At present, all the equipment has entered the site, and the staff are debugging the machine. It is expected that it will be officially put into production in the middle of May." It is reported that after the project is put into operation, it can achieve an annual output value of 200million yuan and tax revenue of 8million yuan

at the same time, the park also actively encourages enterprises to expand and upgrade, seeking benefits from endogenous growth. Since it was put into operation at the end of 2010, boanxin (Tianjin) Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. has insisted on continuous development and innovation, winning with quality, and its products have successfully entered the international market, becoming a parts supplier for the world-famous brand BMW in Germany

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