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Three application fields of carbon fiber and its future development trend

the consumption structure of carbon fiber in the world is concentrated in three aspects: industrial application, aerospace and sports leisure. At present, industrial application accounts for about 58% of the total consumption; Aerospace applications account for about 23%, and sports equipment applications account for about 19%

proportion of carbon fiber applications in the three major fields

in, the consumption of carbon fiber in the industrial application field continued to grow, and the aerospace field remained basically balanced. However, the proportion of sports goods in carbon fiber and the application of speed dimension could not be accurately controlled continued to decline. The application of image carbon fiber that can reduce the aperture through moving gradually shifted from aerospace and sports goods to civil industrial applications, Especially with the large-scale production of large tow carbon fiber, its price will continue to decrease, and the consumption of civil industry will continue to increase significantly

in terms of recreational and sports goods, at present, carbon fiber materials have been promoted from fishing rods and golf clubs to rackets, badminton rackets, golf clubs, ice and snow sports equipment, water sports equipment, etc., and the demand has increased steadily and rapidly. Golf clubs, rackets and fishing rods are the three pillar products of carbon fiber composites for sporting goods, accounting for about 80% of such products

carbon fiber application trends in three major fields

the application of carbon fiber materials in general industries has developed rapidly, including the repair, renewal and reinforcement of infrastructure; New energy development, such as drilling platforms, pipelines and cables of coastal oil and gas fields and deep-sea oil fields, as well as propellers and blades of wind turbines; Automobile braking system, rotating shaft, body and compressed natural gas cylinder for environment-friendly automobile; Applications in the electronic field mainly include communication, broadcasting, earth observation, space exploration and high-precision antennas for various aircraft. The demand of general industries grows rapidly and will become a new major application field of carbon fiber

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