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The annual meeting of the National Plastic Information Center will be held from October 21 to 23. The "annual meeting of the national plastic processing industry information center to check whether the emergency switch is pressed" will be held in Guilin, Guangxi. The annual meeting will provide an information exchange platform for the plastic industry and related industries to understand the latest development, market situation and technical progress of the plastic industry at home and abroad. This annual meeting will comprehensively introduce the development overview and the latest technological progress in various fields of China's plastics industry. The main topics are: in 2003, China's plastics industry will give full play to the role of foreign investment in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries; the development status of the material industry; Development of new plastic materials in the world in 2003; General situation and Prospect of synthetic resin industry in China; The development prospect of engineering plastics in China; Production status and future development direction of plastic additives in China; Development and current situation of domestic BOPP film production line; The digital compact disc (ultra precision) injection soybean molding machine is developed due to its sufficient supply and low price; Development of microcellular foaming technology; Research and development of green and environmental friendly automotive interior trim materials; Analysis of the prospect of regional economic integration in China ASEAN Free Trade Area and our opportunities. The annual meeting of the national plastic processing industry information center has been held for more than ten times. It is one of the influential meetings in the industry. It is famous for its rich content, large amount of information and high academic level. The annual meeting also arranged the exhibition of new products, new equipment and new processes at home and abroad, the transfer of scientific research achievements, the exchange of supply and demand information and the bidding for the application scope of difficult film pendulum impact testing machine

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