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(door and window Investment Promotion - Cartier doors and windows) throughout the home furnishing industry, the fierce competition among door and window enterprises is ultimately inseparable from brand value. Building a brand not only brings exposure to door and window enterprises, allows more consumers to understand and choose the brand, but also increases the added value of the brand. Then, how should door and window enterprises deeply tap the brand and improve the brand value

first, carry out channel innovation and integrate online and offline channels

since entering the Internet era, all industries are carrying out channel innovation. Since 2008, more and more brands have begun to consider the Internet B2C e-commerce strategy, establish their own brand direct sales websites or open flagship stores on Taobao Mall. Relevant data show that in 2016, offline channels began to warm up and enter the return cycle. The value of o2o's offline resource advantage has increased relatively, and value offline channel providers with advantages such as brand, store, user, scene, logistics, etc. will be further developed. It can be seen that many door and window brands have begun to strengthen offline layout. In general, door and window brands need to fully integrate online and offline channels and resources, form a closed marketing loop, and expand the market

second, establish a good reputation and assume civic responsibility

the so-called corporate citizen refers to an enterprise that, in its business activities, takes the earth's environment and human well-being as the starting point, consciously assumes social responsibility and realizes comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable linear development in accordance with the basic principle of providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services. Corporate citizens are synonymous with high-quality enterprises, and have become synonymous with the most respected enterprises; Corporate citizenship is the further development and advanced stage of corporate social responsibility; The construction of corporate citizens is the only way for the sustainable development of enterprises, and it is also an important part of shaping brand image. Becoming a corporate citizen is one of the important ways for door and window enterprises to establish brand reputation, but the establishment of the whole reputation network requires efforts at multiple levels. Generally, the establishment of word-of-mouth network also requires the integration of online and offline resources. While cultivating loyal users, it is also necessary to allow users to participate in the value co creation of the brand, form a community, and actively spread the brand's values, products and services

third, understand user needs and make use of the value of big data

in the era of big data, door and window enterprises should not only build hard power and develop soft power, but also tap the value behind big data. First, enterprises can collect and analyze user behavior data through the cloud platform, understand the characteristics and preferences of target users, establish user portraits, provide personalized consumption experience for different users, and provide personalized discounts to different users to promote secondary sales; Secondly, through data analysis, enterprises can grasp the market consumption demand in advance and provide information and decision support for precision marketing and efficient marketing

IV. seize development opportunities and actively participate in the exhibition activities of

industry exhibition is an important occasion for door and window brands to attract investment and display in the industry. Enterprises should seize the opportunity to understand the overall development and technological progress of the industry on the one hand, so as to better make strategic adjustment and product innovation; On the other hand, actively display their own brands, conduct business negotiations and cooperation, and quickly promote transactions through the most intuitive display. In addition, the seminars organized by the brand itself or the industry seminars and conferences held by the government, industry associations and media institutions are important ways for door and window brands to promote their brands to industry users

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