Five details in autumn decoration season to avoid

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It is understood that autumn is a season suitable for decoration, during which the climate is relatively dry, paint and paint are easy to dry, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and the impact of high temperature in summer or low temperature in winter on building materials can also be avoided

in addition, most decoration companies also focus on the preferential measures in autumn to attract customers. In particular, many newcomers also hope to live in their new houses before the new year, so the cold autumn is the hot season for decoration, but there are still many things to pay attention to in this hot season for decoration

First: pay attention to ventilation to prevent cracks

autumn and spring constitute the golden spring and silver autumn of the home decoration industry, but autumn dryness is also something we have to prevent. The climate in autumn is dry. Try to avoid putting the wood at the vent, and seal the oil on the surface as soon as possible. Because the big core board, decorative panel, etc. are placed in a highly ventilated position, the temperature and humidity on both sides of the wood will be different, and the nature will become unstable, and the moisture in the wood will also be quickly lost, resulting in dry cracks on the surface, small cracks and other phenomena. Xianyang City home decoration designers remind citizens that high-end decorative panels must be sealed with oil to lock in the moisture in the wood

II: Wallpapers need to be hydrated to prevent deformation

in recent years, wallpapers of various designs and colors have been favored, but they must be hydrated in autumn. Due to the relatively dry climate in autumn, wallpapers and wallcloths must be soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue. After paving, you can't open doors and windows as much as in summer to let the wall dry quickly. Doing so is very easy to make the newly paved wallpaper dry by the draught, resulting in water loss and deformation. So in autumn, the wall with wallpaper and wallpaper should be naturally dried in the shade

III: fire, explosion and poison prevention in dry season

wood, carpet, fabric, paint and other materials used in decoration are flammable materials. The state has formulated strict standards, and decorative materials must be selected according to the requirements of standard grades. The indoor ceiling shall be made of fire-proof materials, and the wall, ground and base course shall be made of fire-proof or fire-resistant materials to minimize the risk of fire

paint, banana water, paint and diluent used in decoration are easy to volatilize. If the indoor ventilation is poor, the gas emitted by the paint will gather indoors, and the volatile gas will mix with the air to form an explosive gas mixture, with an explosion limit of 1.7% to 15%. Within this range, it will explode when encountering an open fire. When the explosion limit is reached, the electric spark generated by pulling the light switch or turning on the electric tool will bring serious consequences

IV: don't ignore the air quality when checking in in autumn

usually, people often feel that there is not much decoration smell in the room after decoration in autumn, and they will be eager to check in. In fact, this is an illusion caused by low temperature, so we must be vigilant. Rooms decorated in autumn usually have obvious air quality rebound after heating in winter or in summer, and even cause indoor air pollution and endanger human health. Therefore, Xianyang Fengguang infinite decoration designer suggested that citizens should wait for at least half a month to one month to check in, even if there is no taste in the room. During this period, windows can be opened properly for ventilation, and the best time is in the morning and evening, because at noon, the air humidity is relatively small and dry, which is easy to cause cracking of wood, wall paint, etc

V: the finishing work of the peak decoration season should be done well

autumn and winter decoration is approaching the Spring Festival, and most of the main construction workers in the home decoration industry will go home for the Spring Festival, so they work faster at this time, so compared with other seasons, the phenomenon of idling and delaying work in autumn is relatively rare. But in this way, it is necessary to beware of some workers who do not wash the mud when the radish is fast. For example, in order to compete for new projects, there will be a scribble conclusion of the previous project, so remind consumers to strictly check the acceptance





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