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When the floor and tiles are paved to the door, they will generally be connected with the doorstone or with the floor and tiles of another room. At this time, door battens will be used. Others call it buckle, cross the bridge, etc

there are many kinds of materials for making door battens, common ones are PVC, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic steel, solid wood and so on

generally speaking, the door batten as the auxiliary material of the floor is extra charged. When buying the floor, it is best to communicate the price with the merchant in advance or let it be sent as a gift

door batten at the junction of two different areas

door jamb is a door frame outside the door, which is used to fix the door leaf and protect the corner, and the other is aesthetic needs

the word "pass" may not be heard or understood by some people. In fact, the position of the door pocket without a door is called pass, which can be seen in some corridors

door pocket material

generally, indoor doors are mostly wooden doors, whether solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors or molded doors, the overall look is wooden, so door pockets are mostly wooden door pockets

wooden door jambs

other materials can also be used as door jambs, such as stone, stainless steel and aluminum alloy, etc., especially aluminum alloy sliding doors may be matched with aluminum alloy door jambs

stone door jamb

door jamb installation

door jamb installation is basically a matter for carpenters or wooden door merchants. Now buy more finished wooden doors and let wooden door merchants install them on their doorstep

schematic diagram of door pocket installation

the difference we can see from the surface is mainly the difference between right angle splicing and 45 degree angle splicing. Most of them are spliced at 45 degrees, because it is relatively beautiful. Now some wooden door manufacturers will use right angle splicing in order to pursue installation efficiency, depending on their preferences

45 degree angle splicing door pocket installation

right angle splicing door pocket installation

door pocket price

you must not underestimate the door pocket. Sometimes in family decoration, the door pocket is higher than the door budget. The door cover is divided into single-sided cover and double-sided cover. Generally, it is mostly double-sided cover. The single-sided cover means that one side of the door looks like a door cover, and the other side looks like no door cover. For example, the window cover is mostly a single-sided cover

in the market, the price of a set of doors generally includes the door pocket, but there are still passes at home, window covers, and separate covers for entry doors, which will be a lot of money. According to a door pocket of 5 meters, it is basically more than 100 yuan per meter, and the budget of the door pocket will be thousands





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