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On November 6, Deville Yueyang flagship store will grandly launch the opening ceremony! In order to help the opening of the new store, Deville "made a big deal" and invited the famous film and television star Li Zixiong to help create a grand opening ceremony. In addition to inviting stars to help with the opening, there was also a wonderful signing ceremony for the president of Juhui city

opening is crazy enough, surprise Quintet

highlight 1: there is a gift when entering the store

during the activity, customers entering the store can get a beautiful gift

point 2: make sure to be polite

seize the opportunity and the special offers. Set more than 10000 yuan in advance, with an increase of 100 yuan every two days until November 6

highlight 3: multiple discounts, good products within a limited time

in order to make the first shot of opening, Deville headquarters helped Yueyang flagship store launch multiple preferential activities, making everyone happy to buy!!! There are green wardrobes directly supplied by the factory that are snapped up in a limited time, new North American solid wood that is on the market at a low price, and ultra-low discounts that ignite the atmosphere of the whole audience. There are many surprises that will make you excited

point 4: the president signs for sale and gives a good gift

if you don't think it's enough fun, you might as well continue to participate in the high-end president signing event. Come on ~ ~

point 5: win a good gift, draw a grand prize

enjoy the preferential gifts together, and the stars draw a special prize worth 5888 yuan (5000 yuan for a raffle ticket), in addition, there are atmospheric double door refrigerators, well-known brand washing machines Gifts such as microwave ovens of well-known brands can be taken out. Enjoy the opening ceremony. Good gifts are waiting for you to take out

such a powerful preferential activity can not only experience the charm of stars at a close distance, have the opportunity to take photos with stars and get autographed photos of stars, but also buy high-quality furniture, so that you can have fun and have fun~~




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