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Karoya wardrobe is looking for high-quality agents to join

introduction to the company of karoya wardrobe

Guangzhou Huabiao furniture materials Co., Ltd. is a franchise enterprise of karoya brand wardrobe and supporting furniture that integrates R & D, design, production, sales and service. Founded in March, 2001, karoya, as the earliest customized wardrobe brand in China, has a fully intelligent marketing center and a standard production center of more than 150000 square meters, equipped with many international leading production lines from Germany, Italy and South Korea. Information management is fully implemented in production, and fixed-point analysis and whole process control are adopted to ensure product quality. In terms of product R & D and design, we always adhere to development and innovation. At present, it has won more than ten "design patents" and "utility model patents"

karoya brand products mainly include wardrobe, bookcase, cloakroom, sliding door, supporting furniture, third-generation composite furniture, etc. All products have reached the European E1 level or higher environmental protection standards, and adopt laser identification anti-counterfeiting, so that customers can buy at ease and use it comfortably

karoya brand stores are distributed in more than 300 cities at home and abroad, covering more than 30 provincial administrative regions, including Tibet and Xinjiang, and provide household advisory services to millions of families in China every year

our history has just begun and development will never stop. Karoya people will adhere to the business philosophy of "quality comes from details, attitude determines everything" and build the first brand in China's customized wardrobe industry

brand interpretation of karoya wardrobe

registered trademark. The combination of the green main letter "KNOYA" and the black Chinese character "karoya" represents the design concept that karoya products run through the East and the West. The concise and clear structure is not only convenient for memory, but also in line with the simple and fashionable product style of karoya

abstract the stone carvings of the Roman column and the curve elements of the violin column, and combine them with "KNOYA" English to highlight the dignity, massiness and modern fashion of karoya brand products. The artistic treatment of K and a letters echoes with the rounded treatment of details, expressing karoya's perfect pursuit of product details

of course, the people I love include my lover, my family, my relatives and friends, my customers, etc. In the space of family affection, you don't have to try your best to swim away. Release your imagination as much as possible and return to the most desired state of life. Karoya resonates with the most sincere emotion in our hearts and awakens our love for home...

the mascot - Chengcheng (taking the meaning of "Chengcheng", which implies the belief and pursuit of creating success with honesty, honesty and sincerity). Its fresh and healthy image is in line with the product positioning of karoya environmental protection and health, and symbolizes the uniqueness of karoya brand products and the development concept of karoya company's pioneering and innovative. Wardrobe top ten brands

auxiliary graphics. Combine the creative elements of the registered trademark to form a front and back echo. It is widely used in karoya's daily office and product design

standard color. Black and white are the main colors, and green and red are the auxiliary colors

karoya wardrobe franchise agent

cooperation conditions and requirements of KNOYA

1. Have certain financial strength, business development and management ability, and preferably have distribution experience of household products

2. Have legal business qualifications and fixed business places, and be able to operate and cooperate in good faith

3. Franchised stores are independent stores or in store stores with a practical area of more than 100 square meters. The practical area of franchised stores in provincial capital cities and major cities shall not be less than 150 square meters

4. The franchised store should be located in the street shop of building materials, home Plaza or high-specification decorative building materials market and other relevant places, which can fully reflect the brand image of KNOYA

5. The franchised store is designed, decorated and operated according to the standards of KNOYA brand

6. The franchised store must specialize in KNOYA brand products, and shall not operate similar products from other manufacturers

7. Pay a fixed amount of brand deposit according to the brand standard of KNOYA

8. Relevant personnel shall be allocated according to the brand standard of KNOYA, and receive training and assessment

contact phone address

karoya wardrobe | Guangzhou Huabiao furniture materials Co., Ltd

address: 505-508, Jiayue building, No. 38, Zhongshan Avenue, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-62861536 62861537 62861538 62861539 ― 830

Fax: 020-62861559

postal code: 510660

website: www.knoya Com

production base: Beixing Dalong industry, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou

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