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Heidelberg participated in Shijiazhuang printing and packaging machinery and Equipment Exhibition on March 11, more than 180 manufacturers from all over the country made Hebei Shijiazhuang Zhuoda Convention and Exhibition Center lively. The eighth Hebei Shijiazhuang printing and packaging machinery and equipment exhibition is being held here. Heidelberg, a printing machinery manufacturer, also welcomed the event. Heidelberg, with the theme of hei= high efficiency hei= extra value, will still have 55million to 105million tons of capacity reduction tasks in the next four years. The Heidelberg printing equipment seminar has attracted many customers

in recent years, Shijiazhuang's printing market has developed rapidly and has gradually become one of the national printing and packaging industry centers. Heidelberg's equipment has an extraordinary influence and good reputation in Shijiazhuang. The content of this seminar is also carefully prepared by Heidelberg company for the distribution of equipment in Hebei. The seminar was divided into two sessions in the morning and afternoon. The conference room was full. There was no need for Heidelberg company to worry. Mr. lihongchao and Mr. Qiaojia, the equipment sales director of north region, introduced the large format equipment and small and medium format equipment to customers in detail. What interests customers most is that the financing information was specially added to the seminar, so that customers have a deep understanding of how to use funds to introduce equipment while understanding Heidelberg equipment. In the case that the impact of the financial crisis has not completely subsided and most corporate customers are short of money, the news of financing is undoubtedly the most urgent. After the seminar, many customers lingered for a long time and kept asking Heidelberg salespeople for financing details

the person in charge of Heidelberg said that Heidelberg will continue to use various channels to bring the most advanced technology and equipment to customers in Hebei, spare no effort to promote the protection and maintenance of new products in the printing and packaging industry, the promotion and application of new technologies and processes, promote industrial technological innovation and improve the competitiveness of the printing and packaging industry

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